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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Peachtree City GA

#1 Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Peachtree City, GA

Hardwood floors are exceptional and unique and they have an elegant look. If you have wood floors on your property, then you are aware that it is prone to damage in different ways. Some of the common damages include scratches, dents, and warping of the boards. When this happens, it can be corrected through hardwood floor refinishing Peachtree City GA. This is a process that needs a professional touch and we are here to provide you with the best service. Refinishing your floors is cheaper than replacing the floor and this will enhance its durability. Talk to us and we will provide you with the best solutions to protect your floors.

We are passionate about maintaining wood floors and this is what drives us to achieve complete customer satisfaction. For over three decades, we have been offering different hardwood flooring services including installation, refinishing and hardwood floor repair services. We serve commercial and residential clients and we have thousands of clients who are happy with our services. We will make sure that your floors last for a very long time and we assure you of superior quality services. As such, all our work is backed up by a workmanship guarantee. Talk to us to get a free estimate for floor refinishing services.

Affordable Wood Floor Refinishing Peachtree

When your hardwood floors are damaged, the thought of replacing the floor can be scary, considering the cost implications. However, you will not need to spend a fortune replacing the floors as we can refinish them and have them restored. This is an affordable alternative which will cost less and saves you a lot of time. Our professional contractors will work tirelessly to refinish your floors. This is a process that takes about 2 days because we have the right equipment and highly trained professionals. You can completely trust us to give your floor a new lease of life.

Our Floor Refinishing Process

When you contact us, we will be glad to take up the task to restore your floors. We have a comprehensive process that we will follow and these are the basic steps:

Carpet Removal

Your wood floors have a carpet, we will remove it carefully. We will also remove any needles or staples that may be on the floor, with utmost care so as not to damage the floor. We will use chemicals that are safe for your family and the floor. As such, you will not be exposed to any risk and the wood will not be damaged.

Floor Sanding

Sanding is the second and most critical process of refinishing. The traditional floor sanding method produces a lot of dust, which makes the environment inhabitable. However, we will make use of our dustless hardwood floor refinishing and sanding machines, which will contain most of the dust. We will start with the rough sanding and then finish with the finer sanding. The objective of the sanding process is to ensure that all the stains and scratches are completely removed.

Floor Staining

Once we have finished the dustless sanding, the floor will be ready for staining. We have a wide variety of stains to choose from. You will pick a color that appeals to you and our contractors will apply it with the grain of the wood and in a neat manner. The floor will then be buffed so that we can clear all the debris and dust from the surface.

Sealing Hardwood Floors

Our intention is to ensure that your refinished hardwood floors last for a very long time and this is why we apply a coat of polyurethane to seal it. With the coat applied, the floor will be safe and protected from everyday traffic. You will have the floors looking great for a very long time and not losing their shine. This will also protect the floor from water damage and will lock in the stain color.

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Experts

hardwood floor refinishing atlanta

Hardwood floors are beautiful and natural and they bring a sense of elegance to your property. As a matter of fact, hardwood floors are a great way to increase the value of your property and are eco-friendly since wood is a renewable material. These are considered to be quite expensive compared to other flooring options, but they are worth the price. They are durable and will last for decades while retaining their looks. If your floor has lost its unique and natural look, there is a solution that can have them restored to their beauty. Hardwood floor refinishing is an excellent method to fix damaged floors. We service the entire surrounding area of Main City, including hardwood floor refinishing Atlanta.

If you have invested in hardwood floors, you will need to work hard to protect your investment. It does not matter the type of damage or the condition of the floor, we can fix it. We will restore the floor and even give it a new look. We apply a coat to protect it for years to come. We assure you of total satisfaction with our services and you will get value for your money. We are your hardwood flooring experts and we will rejuvenate the floor and provide you excellent services.

Our dustless sanding process will contain over 99% of the dust produced and this leaves your home clean throughout the sanding process. There is a wide choice of stain colors to choose from and we will work according to your specifications. The type of finish that we offer is environmentally friendly and safe for your family. We will seal the floors and protect your investment. We are licensed and insured experts and all our services are availed at affordable prices. Get in touch with us to request a free estimate.

Get an Estimate

If you have hardwood floors that are old and worn out, talk to us today. We will have our experts inspect the damage and give a free written quote for hardwood floor refinishing Peachtree City GA. We are the best contractors and we can assure you of superior quality services.